April 2005

The solo album is named

Robin’s new solo album, to be launched during the summer, will be called ‘The Last Bar’. Originally with the working title of ‘Me and My Piano’, ‘The Last Bar’ was felt to encapsulate the type of venues that would provide a suitable home for the music of Robin’s latest recordings. The many different meanings of the title along with the image of a basement jazz bar in the early hours of the morning with Robin playing the piano in the corner helped to provide the new name for the CD.

New solo CD finishes editing stages

Following months of recording, the editing, mixing and mastering of Robin’s new CD, The Last Bar, was finished this week by GWR multi-award-winning radio producer Mark ‘Brainz’ Hitchings. Robin and Mark have worked together for years on different projects and Mark couldn’t wait to take up the opportunity to work on Robin’s latest album.

by repmusic