Nov ’17: Cambridge Jazz Festival performance

Robin will be featuring twice in the 2017 Cambridge Jazz Festival. First with his trio and special guest Sara Dowling in a performance at the Gonville Hotel on Thursday 23rd November, then in a jazz vocal masterclass with Emilia Martensson.

Performance – Thursday 23rd Nov ’17

Robin Phillips returns to the Cambridge Jazz Festival in 2017 to continue his series of vocal performances in partnership with the Gonville Hotel whilst introducing another significant vocalist on the UK jazz scene to the city. Following his 2016 teaming-up with award-winning jazz vocalist Anita Wardell, this year he brings exciting emerging vocalist Sara Dowling to the festival, alongside his London trio.

Tickets are available just for the concert or to also include a special Cotto restaurant two-course meal, served before the performance.

Sara and Robin share a dedicated passion for song, always looking to uncover the stories and history behind the classic jazz repertoire. This has led them both, though separately, into the world of the ‘lost verses’ of jazz standards: the ‘sectional verses’ that often worked as an introduction to songs that first appeared on the stage, offering a segue between the script and song. Whilst a few, like Stardust, have stood the test of time and still remain as a part of the song, many were lost due to numerous factors, including the restriction of available vinyl recording length and the memory of working musicians. These introductory sections of the standards often give great insight into the true meaning of the song, as well as delivering an interesting additional dimension to each piece.

At their Cambridge Jazz Festival performance, Sara and Robin will take turns delivering their picks of the lost verses, whilst accompanying each other with a comfort and ease developed through many performances together in the capital. The singers will be backed by The Robin Phillips Trio, with Jihad Darwish on bass and Alex Best on drums. The performance will also preview material from Robin’s upcoming lost verses album.

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by repmusic