Oct 2020: Robin’s ‘Back To The Source’ jazz documentary in ‘Doc N Roll’ film festival

We are delighted to announce that our movie (full version – final edit) will get its world premiere in a few weeks as part of the London Doc’n Roll Film Festival!

The movie follows English jazz musician Robin Phillips on the road trip of a lifetime, reversing the journey of jazz and blues in the USA back to their sources, from Chicago via St Louis, Nashville, Memphis, Clarksdale, Jackson MS, the Mississippi Delta and finishing in New Orleans, on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle; listening and sitting in at gigs, recording at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, and interviewing various people on the way giving a unique insight into the places visited and their place in music history.

People in the UK will be able to watch our movie through the festival’s VOD channel, from 7pm 8th November, until 15th November, with pre-order available now! £5 and only available to people in the UK.

The movie was made by repmusic in collaboration with Creative Onions.

Click here to visit the ‘Doc N Roll’ film festival page about the documentary and to pre-book!

Click here to visit the ‘Back To The Source’ film’s facebook page.

by repmusic admin