Recording Studio

repmusic introduced a boutique project recording studio to its offerings in 2015.

The studio is designed around singers and pianists and includes a Yamaha U3 piano, Nord Electro 5D keyboard, and Neumann, Coles, AEA, Electro-Voice, Avantone, Røde, Sontronics, SE Electronics, Beyer, Shure, and AKG microphones.

Set in the relaxed surroundings of a Cambridgeshire village, the studio offers a calm and inviting environment for recording sessions.

Sessions are engineered by professional singer and pianist Robin Phillips, and can include live accompaniment, or programmed or purchased backing tracks.

Studio sessions can be videoed using up to four GoPro cameras and a multicam recording session video can be edited and sync’d with the studio audio for memento or promotional purposes.

The studio is particularly suited to:

  • Singer / songwriters
  • Singers
  • Singer / pianists
  • Instrumentalists
  • Demo recordings
  • Album projects

Here’re some recordings done in the studio. See the repmusic YouTube channel for all videos including mic and preamp shootout videos..

Dog & Duck Jazz Trio:

Voiceover artist Dave McGowan:

Opera singer France Davies:

Saxophonist and flautist Gareth Lumbers:

Drummer Alex Best:

Soul singer Wes Lucas:

Guitarist Louis Thorne:

Click here for the studio build photo gallery.

Click here for repmusic’s commercial music page.

Studio parties and celebrations

The studio also offers a unique alternative for small groups to celebrate a birthday or hen party by living out the ambition of taking part in a studio recording; coming into the studio to perform a popular song together, learning about recording techniques, mixing and mastering the finished song on-site and having a memento to take away at the end of the day.