Robin Phillips has added presenting to his existing skills within the jazz genre over the past few years. He has become known for his ability to draw a crowd into a performance with the stories behind the songs and his own anecdotes, but took this further with his jazz & blues motorbike road trip from Chicago to New Orleans in 2019 / 2020, culminating in the ‘Back To The Source’ documentary which was presented at the Clarksdale Film & Music and Doc’n Roll film festivals in 2020.

He continued to develop his presenting during the global Covid pandemic with his lockdown videos, and in 2020 was invited to produce and host a new show for Delux Radio radio station. Robin now presents the weekly two hour jazz radio show, ‘The Jazz Show With Robin Phillips’ on Delux Radio, all previous episodes of which can be listened to below. You can also use the player on the right to listen to a number of the full podcast-style interviews Robin has carried out with jazz musicians all around the world. Or click here to visit the show’s page on the station’s website.

‘Back To The Source’ jazz/blues USA motorcycle road trip documentary

English jazz musician Robin Phillips retraces the path of jazz and blues in America, from Chicago to New Orleans, in a once-in-a-lifetime road trip on a Harley Davidson motorbike, to better understand the art form he has dedicated his life to.

** Click here for more information about the UK premiere screening to be held on 27th January 2022 **

Here’s the trailer for the ‘Back To The Source’ jazz & blues Harley Davidson motorbike road trip documentary which will be released soon. Click here for the film’s Facebook Page.

This music documentary includes road trip footage, performances, and pieces to camera, as well as interviews with John May (BBs Blues and Soups in St Louis), Steve Melton (Chief Engineer 1970s, Muscle Shoals Sound Studio), Bubba O’Keefe (Visit Clarksdale), Dexter Allen (Jackson blues musician), David Hood (bass player, The Swampers, Muscle Shoals) and James Martin (New Orleans jazz musician).

The film received its world premiere at the Clarksdale Film Festival in Jan 2020 and its UK preview premiere at the Doc’n Roll Film Festival in London in Nov 2020.

Click here to read the news post about the film’s UK premiere at Doc’n Roll film festival

Click here to read the news post about the documentary’s US premiere from Jan 2020.

Click here to visit the film’s dedicated Facebook page.

Click here to read LondonJazz’s preview of Doc’n Roll film festival and tagging Back To The Source as one to watch.

‘The Jazz Show With Robin Phillips’

Here’s a little video thanking all of the guests we have had on the show in 2021.

Click on any of the players below to hear the full shows of ‘The Jazz Show With Robin Phillips’ from Delux Radio.

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